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Shop Local for Sales Reps
Includes an online product catalog, wholesale ordering (B2B), unlimited Syncing, and file sharing. Be up and connected to your business network in minutes.
Features Free
Free Plan
List all the brands that you rep in your Bridge account
Sync with unlimited Syncing brands and display their products in your account
Promote your products to your retailers
Share news & events with your business friends
Receive notices when your items sell on your retailers’ online stores
More easily stay informed about new introductions and price changes
Make re-ordering quicker for your stores: Bridge displays your contact information on your retailers' accounts
Support, Training & Materials
Access to live customer support based in the United States
One-on-one coaching from Bridge coaches
Access to training videos
Free software updates
Invitations to trainings hosted by Bridge coaches
Invitations to annual events with members in Atlanta and Dallas
Software made and hosted in the United States

FAQ About Plans & Pricing for Retailers

FAQ About Plans & Pricing for Brands

Is there a setup fee?

There is no setup fee for brand accounts not using the Brand Syncing service. You can load your items to Shop Local for free. If you choose to sync products, Shop Local will help you through the Brand Syncing boarding process and there is a one-time $329 setup fee.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

You can cancel your free account anytime. For paid accounts, please cancel your account 7 business days before the billing cycle date (which is the 20th of the month preceding service). This gives Shop Local enough notice to not bill you and remove your business from our automated billing software. If you are participating in the Brand Syncing service, please give Bridge and your synced retailers 90-days notice.

Does a brand have to use all of the services listed above or can it pick services piecemeal?

You can pick services piecemeal. For example, you may choose the Brand Syncing services but not use the online gift registry service. Once you sign up, you can choose which services to activate or deactivate.

FAQ for Sales Reps

Is Shop Local free for sales reps?
Yes. There is no charge to a rep to have a Shop Local account. Once a rep signs up, it may choose to upgrade to optional, paid services.

Is there a setup fee?
No. Setup is free.

Can I cancel my account at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your free account anytime.


Do you wish to upgrade from a free account to a paid account? Send Bridge a payment

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