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Juliska, a premium housewares brand, shares news and files with Babcock Gifts, a gift shop, via Shop Local's retail network

More quickly share important information that grows your business

Shop Local's online social network is a free, secure service for members of the retail community.

Retail leaders use the network to share, comment, and interact with news, events, price lists, products, PDFs, Excel files, and more.

Members Are Sharing

Files (Catalogs, price lists, advertising materials, etc.)
Promotions and sales
Sales data
Wholesale ordering information

Advantages to Using Shop Local's Retail Network

  1. Specialized for Your Industry
    Our network is focused on the retail industry. One must be a business to join. In contrast, most other social networks are not specialized for our industry and any entity can join. A specialized network increases efficiency and productivity.
  2. Share Your News

    Bridge's retail network helps you share important news, events, trends, and pictures. Once two businesses are friends, they will see what the other shares.

    Auto-sharing helps members more quickly share news. For retailers, auto-sharing saves them from having to create content and manually repost what brands share. For brands, this feature delivers the ultimate exposure for their news and products. A brand no longer has to wait for retailers to find the time to share what it shares with them.

  3. Sync Your Products
    Friended members on the retail network can use the Syncing service to sync product data and pictures. Retailers sync with brands, and the brands' products appear instantly in the retailer's respective Shop Local account. Learn more about Syncing.
  4. Sync Your Files
    Shop Local helps you easily share files. You can store and sync price lists, catalogs, brochures, Excel files, and more. In contrast, on other social networks, you often can't load files. For example, Facebook doesn't allow loading PDFs and Excel files. Shop Local helps members skip juggling between social networks and Dropbox.
  5. Have Your Voice Heard
    Shop Local shows 100% of the news that you share with your business friends. In contrast, on other networks, your business may not be heard. According to the New York Times, Facebook only shares a fraction of what businesses share.
  6. Real Users
    We authenticate members. One must be a real person with a real business to join Shop Local. Other networks often have unauthenticated users. Many entities are created by bots and even foreign governments.
    Read the New York Times article about fake social media accounts here.

    By connecting real businesses, Shop Local offers a better experience.

What Are Members Saying About Shop Local's Social Network?

"Shop Local allows me to broadcast in one click our press clips and share creative display ideas."
~ Virginie De Toustain, Philippe Deshoulieres

"Shop Local is an easy way to receive and share information about products directly from the source."
~ Cheri Stalls, Fisherman's Wife

"As a vendor, Shop Local serves as a way for us to easily and efficiently share information with retailers, customers, and sales reps."
~ Alyssa Pereira, DeVine Corporation

"Shop Local helps keep customers and us apprised of promotions, news, and new items from our manufacturers. Also, it gives our regular customers new content to see each time they come to our site."
~ Chuck, Glassworks & Cheeks

The Original Retail Social Network...Two Notable Shows a Year...Closes at 6 pm

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Trade shows are the original ‘social network.’ They help brands, retailers, and reps meet, share, promote, and do business. Shop Local has attended many shows, including those in New York, Dallas, and Atlanta--and presented at them. We’ve witnessed first-hand the power of connecting members. We decided to bring these connections online so that the benefits may continue to exist outside of a one-week show window in a set geographic location.

Our digital platform is an efficient way to extend what occurs at a trade show to be 24-7-365 and open that opportunity to retail members around the world. We do this for our members at a fraction of the cost of traditional, analog events. We help trade shows and their attendees work more efficiently and stay connected year-round, and better prepare for the days when they do attend a physical trade show.

A New Social Network for Retail

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