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Save up to $72,484 on website labor when you Sync products ~ Details

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Sample Plans:

Buyer Account
Designed for retailers who want to buy wholesale, stay informed, and get sales leads. Use Shop Local's service for free.

Wholesale ordering with participating brands.
Weekly email summarizing new products and product price changes from participating brands.
Receive sales leads: Listing on participating brands' Find a Store pages.
No Online Store.
No gift & wedding registry service.
Buy at wholesale from 60+ leading brands, including Beatriz Ball, Casafina, and Villeroy & Boch. Please note: the brand must approve you to make purchases.
Free Store
7.4% transaction fee
7.4% transaction fee
Best for retailers new to Shop Local and that want to sell. Be up and selling in minutes.

Includes what is in the Buyer Account plus:
Online Store with full e-commerce suite.
Add unlimited products.
Add unlimited brands.
Avoid the hassle and cost of adding products via Excel files: Sync with up to 2,500 products from 5 Syncing Brands.
Reduce website labor costs by up to $2,500.
Award-winning Gift Registry service. We've powered 80,000+ registries.
Add 2 wedding registries.
Add unlimited non-wedding registries (baby, wishlist, house warming, etc.).
Add unlimited staff.
Gift cards.
Avoid hackers: Your Shop Local Store is secure.
Avoid ADA lawsuits that may cost you $10,000: Your Shop Local Store is ADA compliant.
Avoid costly software updates: Your Shop Local Store updates are automatic.
Tools to help you use your software in-store, including in-store order entry and In-Store View Mode.
1-on-1 coaching session.
Live customer service seven days a week.
Access to retailer success training videos, help documents and strategy guides.
Access to ready made, professional marketing materials for use in-store and online.
An online suite of powerful marketing tools.
A higher Google ranking. You receive a turn-key network of back-links promoting your indie shop.
Reporting & Analytics
Advanced reporting and analytics tools.
View more features below in the Online Product Catalog & Store area.
No more than 2 wedding registries.
No Product Pass (unlimited Syncing with up to 114 brands).
No Leaderboard access.
Stay at the Free Store plan as long as you'd like. This is not a trial. It's free.
Registry Store
5.4% transaction fee
5.4% transaction fee
Designed for retailers with a growing wedding registry presence.

Includes what is in the Syncing Store plus:
Add 32 wedding registries.
Custom domain (Universal Domain service).
You could make more than $ 32,000 with this plan. How? The average wedding registry produces more than $ 1,000 in online orders.
Your Custom Plan
Ideal for stores looking to customize their offerings and plan. Please view our Features & Pricing area below.
Every new account receives a free, 1-hour live coaching session with one of our expert retail coaches.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We guarantee you'll be 100% happy or we'll refund your money. Terms.
Save 12%: Pay annually and receive a 12% discount.

Features and pricing:

1. Online Product Catalog & Store
Free: No Setup Fee / No Flat Monthly Fee / No Annual Fee
29+ Features Included
Allow customers to complete a checkout online.
Add unlimited products (SKUs)
Add unlimited brands using Shop Local's directory of 3,279+ brands
Enjoy unlimited bandwidth
Add unlimited staff accounts
Benefit from award-winning software
Customize the design of your online store (offer branded site)
Offer a mobile-friendly, responsive website
Professionally present your products and brands using Shop Local's slideshow manager tool
Offer a quick checkout for your customers
Collect customer reviews with Shop Local review software
Boost your search engine ranking using Shop Local's search engine optimization (SEO) tools
Track website users and activity with Google Analytics
Offer gift cards
Add and edit many products at once (bulk processing)
Quickly add images to products
Add multiple pictures per product
Bulk update of prices, stock, and other product information
Offer secure web pages via our free site-wide HTTPS (SSL enabled)
Manage your business with order, inventory, and tax management features
Understand your online sales via Shop Local's professional reporting tools
Offer coupons and discounts
Share news & events (Blog)
Use Shop Local's B2B business network to monitor industry news, events, and trends
Store and share files (PDFs, Excel files, etc.)
Add custom pages
Use built-in monogramming and engraving features
Unique domain: Display a custom website address (e.g.
Offer a guest checkout path
Create orders manually
Market to customers with abandoned shopping carts
Feature Included
Create and manage registries. There is no fee to offer many registry types, including baby, house warming, wishlists, and anniversary. You only pay when you offer 2 or more wedding registries.

Your store can offer up to two wedding registries for free. If you wish to offer 3 or more wedding registries, your store can choose a paid plan. The first plaid plan is $14/month. The average wedding registry generates $3,200+ in orders.
Up to 2
Wedding Registries

Up to 4
Wedding Registries
Up to 16
Wedding Registries
Up to 32
Wedding Registries

For additional plans, please contact Shop Local
Offer a variety of registry types: bridal, housewarming, baby, anniversary, mardi gras, and many more
Manage what has been given and owed to registrants
Create copies of in-store registry purchases
Create sign-up bonuses and completion incentives
Easily share registry via email and social media
Registrants can customize their registry with pictures, notes, and product comments
Boost your ranking in Google: registries are SEO optimized
Receive email alerts with registry activity
Optimized for use in-store with customers
View activity by staff members
Offer a superfast checkout for customers: registrant's info is auto-populated
Save time: when a gift is purchased, software automatically shows gift as purchased on the gift list
Feature Included
Sync products and images from up to 114 brand partners sharing 72,484 products
Receive weekly email summarizing your new Synced Products
Receive weekly email summarizing your Synced Product price changes
Use File Sharing to access Synced Brand files (price lists, Excel files, PDFs, etc.)
Auto-share news from your Product Syncing brand partners
Export Synced Products
(This is only needed if you plan to use a third-party website to show the products.)
All products from up to 5 Product Syncing Brands
All products from up to 20 Syncing Brands
Feature Included
Universal domain service: Use your domain (e.g. throughout your account and mask the Bridge URL (hide '') $24/month
Accept payments online with Bridge's secure PCI-compliant processing Standard payment processor and gateway fees.
Support, Training, & Materials
All subscriptions include access to support, training, and materials:
Free, live customer support based in the United States
Free access to software training videos
Free software updates
One-on-one coaching
Invitations to live, group trainings
Software that supports the goals of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
Software made and hosted in the United States
Wholesale Ordering Service
All subscriptions include free access to Wholesale Service.
Wholesale purchasing & checkout (B2B): Make wholesale purchases more quickly from popular brands

Save with the Product Pass

Bridge Pro Pass Card
For $12/month, save your store up to $72,484 and 104 weeks in website labor. Receive real-time product data from up to 114 premium brands offering 72,484 products.

Grow your business and save with the Product Pass. The Pass gives your business access to an unlimited number of products from our Syncing brands — that's 72,484 products from 114 brands. This Pass helps your business to save $1 and 3 minutes per synced product on website labor. You'll show more products online and thereby sell more.

After you sign up for your free account, learn more about the Product Pass on your account’s Subscription page.

Please note: a retailer must be an authorized dealer to Sync products from a brand.

99.3% of Stores

99.3% of Stores Can’t be Wrong

Each month, 99.3% of retailers renew their Shop Local Online Store service. This high renewal rate demonstrates that retailers are happy with our service and shows the service is providing high value for members.

Please view our FAQ page

FAQ for Sales Reps

Is Shop Local free for sales reps?
Yes. There is no charge to a rep to have a Shop Local account. Once a rep signs up, it may choose to upgrade to optional, paid services.

Is there a setup fee?
No. Setup is free.

Can I cancel my account at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your free account anytime.


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