Product Share

Open Source Product Syncing Standards

Product Share Compared to Smart Products

How does Product Share relate to Smart Products?

Product Share is a set of standards created by Bridge that businesses follow. Smart Products is a service created by Bridge that allows brands to have their products show up in real-time on other businesses' Bridge accounts. A brand that follows Product Share may or may not be a user of Bridge or the Smart Products service. All businesses that use the Smart Products service inherently are Product Share compliant because Bridge follows Product Share standards.

If your business follows Product Share standards, will using Bridge's Smart Products service help it?
Yes. Product Share is a voluntary system to more efficiently share product data via Excel and file-sharing services (e.g. Dropbox). A retailer will need to ensure that its business follows Product Share, and encourage other brands to follow it. Using the Smart Products service allows a retailer to spend less time on managing Product Share standards and spend less time on integrating Product Share into its third-party e-commerce software. Bridge Store and the Smart Products service are Product Share compliant.