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Product Share

Open Source Product Syncing Standards


  1. What are the suggested protocols for sharing stock?
    When sharing stock, share it via an Excel file with just two columns: SKU and existing stock level.
  2. What's the best way to format a file with new introductions?
    Separate new items and existing products into separate files.
    If you place all items in one sheet, have a column that says "New" and check that column for appropriate rows.
  3. Why should businesses use the Product Share brand codes?
    You'd be surprised how many retailers misspell a brand that they sell. A common misspelling of Annieglass is "Annie Glass." Brands and SKUs must be accurate and unique. As such, you have to be sure to use unique identifiers for each brand, as well as for SKUs.
  4. How much does Product Share cost?
    Product Share is free to use. There is no charge. You can use the standards via a Creative Commons license.